A glimpse on Polish history

  • In 2018 we celebrate the centennial of Poland regaining its independence, but remember - Poland has over 1000 years of history!

    In 966, the founder of the Polish state, Duke Mieszko I, converted to Catholicism. In 1025, the Kingdom of Poland was proclaimed. In 1569, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was formed and soon became a major power in Europe. In 1772, the first of three partitions of Poland took place, with Polish territory forcibly seized by its neighbors, Russia, Prussia, and Austria. However, in 1791 Poles proclaimed the May 3 Constitution. It was the first constitution of its type in Europe and the world's second oldest constitution. In 1793 the second partition took place, and in 1795 the third, removing Poland from the map entirely.

    Then for 123 year Poles struggled to keep their language, identity, traditions, and legacy of their generations alive.

    On November 11, 1918 Poland regained its independence!

    Today, Poland is a Member of NATO, the European Union, and a Non-Permanent Member of United Nations Security Council in 2018-2019.